Avg updating slow

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I have tried doing a system restore to a point of a few days ago but after the restart it says that the restore failed and that my C:/ drive may be corrupted (I don't think that it is, I still have all my files and folders and can access it easily).

I have tried to do a windows 8 repair from the disc but when I enter my product key the program becomes unresponsive.

Every user will run up dire computer slow-downs one day.After the update, I can no longer open control panel (it just freezes and i cant do anything to it, only way to close it is to refresh windows explorer).Whenever I press the settings button in the lower right corner (windows 8) it just closes and nothing happens.Everyone can't help but experience sluggish system performance, I'd bet on it.Eliminating the frustrating Windows slowdowns is workable, even if you are confident it is incorrigible.

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